Nearby activities

On this page discover all the activities you can do while exploring the vast territory in the vicinity of Valtidone Verde

A territory to be discovered

Our area has multiple aspects that will captivate you.

Area with a high vocation for food and wine. Depending on your tastes, we will help you choose from the many quality offerings at competitive prices. We have an agreement for meals with a nearby facility with home cooking and typical local cuisine at an extremely low price.

Horseback riding in the woods at the stables (just across the street).
They also have ponies to introduce the little ones to the fascinating
equine world.

Hiking trails, mountain bike trails, rally tracks are
just some of the proposals from the surrounding area.

– The charm of spas in Salice and Rivanazzano.

The beauty that surrounds us

Nearby there are several opportunities to visit real gems in the area.
In addition to being famous for its vineyards, spas and wine and food tradition, this area has the highest density of castles in Europe.

In front of us towers the thousand-year-old castle of Zavattarello while about 20 minutes away is the castle of Oramala, famous for having been a reference point for troubadours and where Dante also stayed, who mentioned it in Purgatory.

From a naturalistic point of view, it is worth visiting a very beautiful mountain botanical garden, the Pietra Corva alpine garden, where there are various species of flora in a truly splendid natural setting.

For the more adventurous, there is the Salice Terme Adventure Park.
Then if you feel like exploring the area by bike, you can rent an E-bike and ride the Via Francigena.

Unplug from the chaos of the city!

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