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On this page we tell you a little of our story

My name is Ludmilla Wolf, I am the owner of Valtidone Verde, and I want to tell you a little bit about our story because it is very unique and intriguing...

Casa Canevaro is a hamlet of Zavattarello, and in the annals of the municipality, dating back to the 15th century, there were “three hearths,” three families–one of which is mine, coming from Milan.

My mother Ludmila Hornych Wolf, originally from Prague, sold our beautiful apartment with 100 sq. m. of private garden near Milan’s Central Station in the late 1980s out of fear that as a result of the historic compromise that had brought the Italian Communist Party into the majority, the Soviet big brother would expand the Iron Curtain and annex Italy to the Communist bloc.

Traumatized by the seizure of private property since my grandfather had his business and house taken away, in order to play it safe she sold our house and sent the money to Germany. When he realizes that nothing is happening he goes back to look for a house with a little garden near Milan, and fate has brought to his attention here, at Casa Canevaro, a hamlet of Zavattarello, where a corner of paradise dating back to the 15th century is hidden.

It wasn’t exactly “on the outskirts of Milan” and it wasn’t exactly “a bit of a garden,” but it was magnificent. My parents came to see it, fell in love with it, and the totally restructured.

My mother had a dream: to share this paradise with those who wanted to escape the city for a weekend in the country. In the early 1990s, agritourisms were rare, but she was a pioneer. She ran her own agritourism and helped create a consortium for the agritourisms of Oltrepò Pavese, paving the way for those who would come after her.

He continued to run the farm for over a decade and at one point proposed to pass the baton to me….

At the time, however, I was engaged in an IT management career in Milan, I was married and had two wonderful daughters, so I had no intention of taking over the family business….

However, in 2009, fate or a series of “coincidences” still led us to decide to take over the farm.

In fact, in the meantime, I had discovered Kinesiology, a holistic discipline that had had a great positive impact on my whole family.

Today we are here, building what is our dream. A company organic that is also a holistic center, a place to feel good both physically and spiritually.

A true Wellness Oasis for body, mind and spirit.

Come visit us to feel for yourself the energy, history and nature we have protected.

What makes Valtidone Verde a BIO Holistic Farmhouse ?

For us, the word ‘Organic’ represents much more than having a connected organic farm. For us, ‘Organic’ means an ongoing commitment to sustainability.

We are proud to share the daily actions that led us to achieve Legambiente certification, because it is these actions that actually make us a sustainable company:

– Photovoltaic system for electricity and solar panels for hot water.
– Heating with thermal fireplace.
– Rainwater recovery tanks for fields.
– Salt pool filtration system to reduce chlorine.
– A focus on reducing waste with energy-efficient light bulbs.
– Water flow reducers.
– Sun-dried and unironed sheets.
– Waste sorting and related composting.
– Self-production of the majority of cleaning detergents. (We use ozone and microorganisms for cleaning by limiting chemical pollutants)

Instead, the term “Holistic” refers to our commitment to contribute to your all-around well-being.Through my experience in Kinesiology and our holistic center, you will discover many new things that I hope and believe can really help you.

Give yourself a break to regain the right physical and mental balance!

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There is one important thing to know about Valtidone:

on Saturdays we are all in absolute quiet. In fact, we prefer that you don’t arrive and leave, so when your reservation includes Saturday, we give you one day!

If check in or check out happens on a Saturday, we give you Friday as a gift.

You select the days you want and you will see the PROMO package appear directly automatically.

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