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Canevaro House, 3 –
27059 Zavattarello (PV)

    Maps and Directions

    Sometimes the navigator, if you are coming from Milan, will tell you to go through Pavia because it is the shortest route, but not necessarily the fastest (it is certainly scenic going through all the hills of Oltrepò).
    We suggest taking the Val Tidone ss412 if you are coming from Milan or the highway (Castel S. Giovanni A21) as it is the fastest.
    If you really want to point to something on the navigator put Borgonovo Val Tidone and then Ossenisio. Beware that if you do the ss412 you have to go all the way to the 78th km, the navigators at Nibbiano make you leave the ss412 to head towards Trebecco, don’t do it if you don’t want to do a piece of unpaved road!

    The ss412 is taken from the western ring road at the Opera-ValTidone-Passo Penice exit (near the junction with the eastern ring road) and traveled all the way, going straight and without leaving the ss412 until the 78th km. There are some places where you might get disoriented because they have recently built traffic circles to avoid villages, but still never leave ss412.

    Drive along the Val Tidone ss412 towards the Penice Pass. At the traffic circle leading toward Torrevecchia Pia take the third exit (the first goes toward Marzano, the second enters the village, and the third continues on ss412. Then follow to Villanterio and continue to Castel S. Giovanni always following the ss412 to Passo Penice, you will skirt the Tidone until Moline, after which, at the sign indicating the 78th km of the ss412, you will see our sign on the left. This is where you leave the ss412, just before reaching Zavattarello.

    You will see our company on the opposite side and be able to recognize it From the arches and solar panels. To reach it, cross the river Tidone, following twice to Casa Canevaro past Ossenisio (stay on the paved road in the village making an S, do not be confused by neighboring roads that are not the mainroad ). When you pass Ossenisio, you will see an arrow on the left for Casa Canevaro, take this road and go down to the bottom where on your left you will find a parking lot with a yellow Valtidone Verde Parking sign.
    Park here and then walk down about 200m to the end of the paved road, where you will find the pergola and access to the farmhouse on the left.